Our Projects

  • Provided consulting support to non-profit mergers and acquisitions. Developed memoranda of understanding; established transition time-lines and work plans; calculated shut-down costs; identified and resolved merger-related employment issues; prepared board and member resolutions for voting; negotiated early termination of leases; drafted communications to funders, donors and vendors; facilitated merger task force meetings; and, worked directly with legal council, accountants and auditors.

  • Completed comprehensive assessments of the financial management practices of non-profit and charitable organizations: Reviewed existing internal controls and related policies, processes and practices; made detailed recommendations to mitigate risk and improve financial efficiency and effectiveness; developed and documented policies and procedures. Provided training to staff and board members on financial management.

  • Completed full risk audits and developed risk management plans for non-profits and charities; identified and assessed negative and positive risks; developed appropriate risk response strategies; consulted on improving risk maturity and the development of enterprise risk management (ERM) processes and practices. Provided training to staff and board members on risk management.

  • Developed strategy/strategic plans, business plans and feasibility studies for non-profits, charities and social businesses, including conducting environmental scans; stakeholder consultations; performing SWOT, SCOT and SOAR analyses; facilitating strategic discussions; developing strategic objectives and goals; identifying key performance metrics; designing scorecards and dashboards; development of theories of change. Developed/revised vision, mission and values statements. Proficient in the use of Business Model Canvases and Lean Canvases in designing, reviewing and documenting business models. Skilled in different types of planning approaches, such as traditional, adaptive and ‘dual bottom line’.

  • Developed customized succession and leadership transition plans for the boards and executive directors of non-profits and charities.

  • Worked closely with the board and staff of non-profit professional associations to establish effective governance structures and processes; define roles and responsibilities, develop required board policies; review and revise by-laws; establish an effective budgeting and financial monitoring process; develop necessary internal controls; ensure compliance with CRA and applicable provincial or federal legislation.  Provided training to staff and board members on financial management and/or governance.

  • Consulted with seven, UWT-funded community hubs to design a common model of operation and define the requirements for sustainability in staffing, facility and asset management, space use, financial management, funding, income generation, legal structures and compliance, governance, and risk mitigation. Developed three sub-models based on key attributes in structure, function and services, and engagement and outreach. Consulted one-on-one with each hub to improve sustainability.

  • Completed a review of the opportunities for increased integration at a hub in Toronto through consultations with clients, tenant agency staff and hub staff. Assessed the relationship amongst tenant partners to establish their readiness for increased integration. Documented the findings from the consultation and made detailed recommendations on next steps in increasing integration.

  • Prepared a comprehensive 10-year business plan for a 12,000 square foot community hub in Toronto, including financial projections, budgets, income generation strategies, and asset inventory and maintenance/replacement schedules. Provided detailed, prioritized recommendations on operational efficiencies, risk mitigation, compliance, governance, and mission sustainability.

  • Performed a comprehensive review of financial practices, performance, reporting, and systems for a non-profit professional association in Ontario, complete with detailed, prioritized recommendations for improvements. Project scope included an analysis of financial trending over five years; budgeting practices; financial systems and processes; guidelines and templates for financial reporting; financial policies and procedures; reserve fund structuring and investing. Provided training to the board on financial management.

  • Consulted with a large charity on the launch of a new social enterprise. Developed a comprehensive three-year business plan including business philosophy, mission, profile, strategy, value proposition and pricing, cost projections, income requirements and profit expectations, review of significant risks, and key operational considerations.

  • Developed and delivered live, interactive, web-based training sessions to 329 staff of over 126 Ontario-based organizations on financial management, compliance and sustainability, to improve the related competencies of board members, executive directors, managers, finance, and project staff.

  • Updated and improved a charity’s financial systems and processes, including conversion to fund-based accounting and implementation of automated employee time records. Audited existing financial policies and procedures. Ongoing role with the organization consulting on financial management, funding strategies and developing funding proposals.

  • Worked with a non-profit association in Ontario to provide core coordination, communications and advocacy services to mobilize provincial membership in a shared vision and plan. Deliverables included building board capacity, establishing a governance structure, analyzing and recommending improvements to organizational framework and administrative support structure, developing and implementing a provincial advocacy and communications plan, and overseeing the revitalization of the website.

  • Completed a feasibility study on how best to facilitate people with lived experience of homelessness and poverty accessing relief shifts at social service agencies. Study included a review of the characteristics and structure of the collaboration; roles and contributions of proposed partner organizations; operationalization details such as base of operation, program coordination, staffing, and reporting structures; input and output targets; funding recommendations; primary, secondary and tertiary hiring markets; and, opportunities for longer term employment.

  • Researched options and recommended the most suitable organizational structure and governance model for a sector-wide database entity.

  • Identified key leadership, operational and cultural issues for a health-care organization. Developed recommendations and an implementation plan to resolve these issues. Provided executive and team coaching in support of the implementation process.

  • Member of a consulting collective that provided a range of leadership development and capacity building services for non-profit organizations in the Region of Peel, including strategy development, succession planning, governance coaching, and training.

  • Provided organizational development consulting to strengthen and build internal capacity while directing organization through next stage of its development.

  • Defined and documented roles and responsibilities for a new management team. Ongoing role with agency in assisting management team during organizational transition.

  • Conducted an assessment of organizational effectiveness for a union. Provided detailed recommendations on organizational structure, staff roles/responsibilities and work flow/processes. Developed staff job descriptions and an organization-wide skills inventory. Revised key HR and administrative policies and procedures.

  • Completed a revision of province-wide web-based datacall on recycling activities, by municipality. Implemented new datacall system and conducted on-line training for stakeholders. Provided a complete analysis of new datacall results.

  • Financial Management instructor for Creative Institute for Toronto’s Young (CITY) Leaders’ program, a leadership development institute for young people working and volunteering in the community and social service sector in the city of Toronto. CITY Leaders provides participants with a supportive and stimulating learning experience delivered through educational sessions, online forums, mentoring, peer-learning and project-based experiential learning followed by networking activities. Participants graduate with a co-certificate in leadership from United Way Toronto and University of Toronto’s Faculty of Social Work.

  • Provided training to board members, staff and volunteers of charities, non-profits and social enterprises on basic governance for non-profit boards, board-ED partnership, leveraging board performance, budgeting and financial monitoring, financial management, enterprise risk management, risk management planning, compliance, strategic planning, and collaboration and partnerships.

Gina Vergilio is a consultant we have contracted to assist us in the development of our organization. She has been working with us for about six months now and I am quite impressed by her intelligence and drive. She comes from a business background but understands well the strengths and limitations of not for profit organizations. Consultants are theoretically valuable but far too often lack in substance and depth: they tell us what we already know and leave us no better off than when we started. Gina has been a pleasant exception to the norm. She works hard, she works well and she delivers useful results. I am quite comfortable in giving my very strong endorsement of Gina Vergilio.
Bruno ScorsoneExecutive DirectorThe Good Neighbours' Club