Association Services

We provide comprehensive services to non-profit associations, as follows:


Governance or oversight services with a focus on strategy development, financial stewardship, risk management, and organizational performance:

  • provide support to the board in vetting and approving the fiscal budget
  • develop long-term financial forecasts and financial strategies
  • assess and improve governance structures, tools, by-laws, board policies, practices, and internal controls
  • develop terms of reference and work plans for the board and board committees
  • develop board succession and leadership transition plans
  • develop a board member orientation process and board manual
  • assist in defining board composition and recruiting ‘best fit’ board members
  • perform stakeholders consultations
  • strategy development/strategic planning
  • perform risk audits and develop risk management frameworks, plans and processes
  • conduct board, board member and peer evaluations
  • develop systems to track and report on organizational performance
  • provide coaching and support to board officers
  • train board members on governance, strategy development, financial management, risk management, and compliance


Senior/executive management services with a focus on mission achievement and fiscal management:

  • act as primary contact for the partners, funders, donors, government, media
  • respond to escalated inquiries and external requests
  • build and maintain relationships with partners, influencers and policy makers
  • supervise staff, independent contractors, consultants, and external professionals
  • process invoices and payments; arrange for cheque signatures; send transactional information to the bookkeeper
  • develop the fiscal budget and monitor fiscal performance
  • develop operational and business plans
  • operationalize the board-approved strategy and report on the progress of implementation
  • support regulation efforts
  • write external and internal communications
  • develop and execute marketing, communications and social media plans
  • report to the board on operational performance against goals
  • maintain statutory/corporate records
  • attend events on behalf of the organization


Front-line administrative services with a focus on member and customer service:

  • act as primary contact for members and the public
  • respond to or refer internal and external requests
  • process membership applications and renewals
  • maintain membership database and title registry
  • administer member complaints
  • manage/update website content and social media sites
  • provide support to committees, task forces and working groups
  • provide support to the annual budgeting process
  • manage document storage and retention
  • provide event planning and execution support
  • collect and process mail/correspondence




Gina has been the association’s governance consultant since 2015. During that time, she has helped us get our ‘ship in working order’. She worked closely with the board to establish a governance structure, define board and committee responsibilities, create necessary board policies and internal controls, modernize our by-laws, develop effective financial management practices, conduct board evaluations, and develop a strategic plan. Gina provides governance training to our Board each year to ensure that our directors are fully conversant with their duties. Bringing Gina on-board was the best decision that I made as president! I highly recommended Gina as a consultant for non-profit associations.
Louis BuschPast PresidentOntario Association of Behaviour Analysis