Strategic and Operational Planning
Is it time to re-visit your vision, mission and strategic priorities? Do you need support in developing strategic and operational plans? We can help.
We train board members, executives and managers in areas key to their success. Go to 'Our Services' for details about workshops and customized training.
Financial Management
We have helped over 150 non-profits to develop the financial management skills, controls and strategies necessary to sustain their organization.
Collaborating and partnering can be effective ways to use resources, improve outcomes and minimize costs. We can help you make the most of these efforts.
Organizational Reviews
From tune-ups to full reviews, we can help you improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency.
New Ideas
Have you been thinking about starting something new? Call us for information about our comprehensive feasibility studies and business plans.

What We Do

Quite simply, our mission is to help non-profits, charities and social enterprises improve their capacity to achieve their mission. We are specialists in working with voluntary sector organizations and social purpose enterprises – that’s all we do!

We get you. Because we are sector experts, we are keenly aware of the challenges you face everyday. We’re here to help. We offer expert consulting services at rates affordable to the sector.

Train Your Board and Staff

Only $850*

Our clients tell us that our workshops are the best!

* Maximum 25 participants. HST extra.

Ask the Expert

  • How do I create a reserve fund and how much do I need?
  • How much detail should be in the monthly financial reports to the board?
  • My board wants to be involved in the day-to-day decisions of the organization. How do I help them to understand their role?

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